El-Amin Omara

El-Amin Omara
El-Amin Omara (Head of Real-Estate & Administrative Law)


SCLO’s experienced advisor in the department of Real-estate and Administrative Law. Working with the National Electricity Corp. (NEC) for more than 32 years and being responsible for the land portfolio, gave Mr. Omara the capacity of understanding all sorts of dealings in the real-estate filed due to his involvement in lands registration, expropriation, allocation ...etc. Mr Omara was also in charge of negotiating settlements with those affected by building of dams, thermal, solar and wind electricity plants.


Mr Omara has the utmost knowledge of advising local and foreign investors on their projects specially in the land and energy sectors as his experience with the National Electricity Corp. (NEC) is unprecedented. Mr Omara received two higher diplomas in public & private Law, adding to that a Master’s degree in Administrative Law in 2009. He also served as the legal advisor to the Ministry of Electricity & Dams.

  • Sudanese Commercial Law Office (SCLO) - Khartoum, Al Manshiya, Block (25), Building (2), 5th Floor, Apartment (1).
  • +249 153 999935
  • +249 911 446499
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